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Recording Journal: Day 1

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I just got home from my first day of recording. I think it went quite well. The guy recording me is really laid back. I felt really comfortable especially since they charge per song not per hour (NO ONE ELSE DOES THIS!!!).

We're actually recording at a church believe it or not.

I went in and played them my demos and they were really responsive to them. It made me feel really good to know that they had at least some immediate appeal.

We decided to record my acoustic guitar tracks for the song tentatively called "February" (I have to get some real names). So we set it all up and I was amazed at how clearly I could hear my guitar...then I started playing and had to reevaluate how necessary the crystal clear sound was.

We kept the great sound quality coming. I took a lot of takes but we finally got it all down and it sounds great so far.

Overall, not too much progress but I'm really happy with who I'm recording with and the process they take.

I'm sorry if this reads as pure incoherent rambling. I'm tired and hungry. I think I'll go watch TV.