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Recording Journal: Day 17

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Okay, so yesterday I went back for some more recording. I did the majority of the electric guitar for the one song we had left to do there. I didn't finish because it was too late to do any more at that time.

After that, we started going through the songs and making sure that all the vocals were what we wanted. We discovered one part that needs to be redone. I believe we thought we had more takes of that part and could cut in the good one, but there was only the one. Oh well, I guess. So, not entirely done with vocals.

We also decided that for the gravy sounds (effects, guitar sqeals, and whatnot), we're just going to go through the songs over and over, editing them closer to what we want the final thing to sound like. Then, where we feel there needs to be something, we put it in. We're choosing to do it this way rather than what we had originaly planned on; just listening to it and putting a lot of stuff in. This way, we can get a lot of the post production done at the same time as the gravy sounds. Also, it will keep it so that we don't put in too much unnecessary layering.

There was a little talk about redoing some of the electric guitar on some of the songs we thought were good. So, that's a possibility.

Overall, not a very productive day, but, we did set out what feels like a nice outline for how to get these songs done.