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Tour Journal: Day 1 - Medford, OR

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Miles Traveled: 339

So I left home about three hours later than I had intended because I put off packing until this morning. It took forever and was a huge hassle.

I finally left and headed to my first stop Portland. Well, almost. I called Steve as I was leaving and he told me he left me a message that I need to print something off before I left. So, I turned around and drove back the 0.7 miles that I had already traveled and printed it off. Then I left again, for real this time.

I made it to Portland (my first stop) in a timely manner. I had to pick up some guitar strings at Portland Music Co. The guy was nice and strung it for me in addition to throwing in some free bridge posts because I was going on tour. So, support Portland Music.

Next I headed to Salem to meet my friend Jami who was going to buy a CD and/or shirt. I made it there but hadn't heard from her yet. I went to the Ike Box because it's basically the only place I've been in Salem and I figured it would have wireless internet so I could send here a message. If that failed, I could drop off a CD in hopes of getting a show later.

I walked in to find the place totally empty. I sat on the couch inside for about 5 mins before I heard a little rustling upstairs. I went to investigate. What I found was all of the Ike Box staff involved in a staff meeting. They asked me if everything was alright, they were very surprised to see me. I said that everything wasn't alright and asked if they were open. They said no and asked how I got in. I explained that the front door was propped open.

They then shuffled me out while apologizing for not being open not before I handed my CD to the guy who books the shows though.

After that, I walked out to my car and took advantage of their wireless internet. I messaged Jami and said I'd be leaving soon. She called me back almost instantly and explained that she was at work and wouldn't be able to meet up today.

So I hit the road again. It was pretty nonstop from there until Roseburg with the exception of a pee break. In Roseburg I got some dinner from Pizza Schmiza. The dude was awesome and gave me two slices for the price of one.

Then I left again off to Medford where I'm spending the night. There was a lot of road work in between Roseburg and Medford which wasn't very cool.

I pulled in about 11:30 - midnight and I plan to wake up about 6:00am. I suppose I should get to sleep. I hope to...though the room seems pretty warm. I'm going to take a shower then call it a night. I've got a lot more driving to do tomorrow as well.