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Tour Journal: Day 3 - El Cerrito, CA

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Miles Traveled Today: 17
Total Miles Traveled: 823

Today I woke up at 11, drank a Rockstar, and watched TV until 12:30. I headed out to try and accomplish the only real goal I set out for myself for the day which was to get mailing list pages printed off in addition to the merch prices page.

I tried to find an unsecured wireless network around my hotel but sadly, I couldn't. I drove around and stumbled upon a FedEx Kinkos on the side of my hotel that I hadn't yet explored. I went there and it all seemed to go smoothly.

I left, once again in search of an unsecured wireless connection. I drove around even further into residential areas. It seems like everyone's network is secured. Not cool.

I was pretty frustrated with this development because I wanted to upload the Day 02 Journal and search for independent record stores in the area that might carry my CD.

I called my buddy Steve to see if he would look up some music stores. He found a few really quick. Only one answered the phone though. They told me to come on by. I was off to El Cerrito.

It took about 20 minutes to get there. When I walked in I realized that this wasn't exactly the kind of store for my target audience. Either way, the guy listened to my CD and said it was a lot more rock influenced than they normally do, but, because of the song quality, he would sell some. While filling out the paper work, he told me about another record store that would probably fit me better, it was about a mile or so down the road.

I headed down to the store and instantly recognized it as my kind of place. They had old Oasis posters hanging up and a bunch of signed posters from other cool bands. It had the feel of 13th Ave. Music if you guys from Longview remember that store. I didn't have long to check out the stuff before I was greeted by two very friendly people. One of them helped me set it up to get my CD in the store.

Unfortunately, if they don't sell the CD in 3 months, then you're supposed to come pick them up. I told her that wouldn't be a problem (a little white lie). So go out and buy the CD people from El Cerrito and surrounding areas.

After leaving, I drove around again trying to find an unsecured network. Finally, I pulled up by a school and was able to use their internet. I then noticed the basketball courts and drove around to park closer once I had finished my internet business. I drove up and saw there were two kids fighting on the court. I decided that perhaps that wasn't the best spot to play, especially with all the taunting I like to do.

While checking my email, I learned that my Las Vegas show had been cancelled (Bummer!). I'm trying to reschedule it for a mid June date right now. It's going to be too late to pick up another show on this tour I believe.

I drove back to the hotel and ran through my songs. I felt pretty good about it and am excited to get my first show in the books. It should be a lot of fun. I'm going to have a bunch of time to kill in San Francisco before I play I think because the check out time is 2 which I even had pushed back and I'm supposed to be there at 7:30 and San Francisco Is really close to where I'm staying.

I'm going to go shower and read then call it a night.