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Tour Journal: Day 4 - San Francisco, CA

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Miles Traveled: 431
Total Miles: 1254

I started the day off by heading back to El Cerrito to buy an instrument cable from a Guitar Center I found. I had forgotten to pick one up at Portland Music Company the day I left. Also, I decided to use the free wireless I found in the area again. I would like to take this time to thank "carol" for not having a secured network.

While I was parked using the internet, a cop came up and looked like he was going to give me a ticket. I hopped out and asked what the problem was. He said I was parked the wrong way. I asked if I could just turn myself around and not get a ticket. He seemed surprised with the logic behind what I said and stammered "uh, yeah, that's fine." Never before had I met such an insecure sounding cop.

I found another music store that I wanted to try and get to sell my CDs. This one was in Berkeley. It was a cool store and they are selling my CD. So that's neat.

After that, I moseyed on over to San Francisco. The first thing I did when I arrived was get hypnotized by a gelato store. I had to have some. I walked in, ordered, then walked out with a 4 flavor melody of White Chocolate, Chocolate Coconut, Banana, and Pineapple. I wanted a tropical feel. It was delicious.

I went down the street and found where I was playing. It had a nice atmosphere. I hung out there for a touch then walked down to the wharf and got a pizza by the slice.

I went back to where I was playing and basically just waited around until the show started.

First up was a father and son duo. The son played acoustic and sang what I believe were his songs. He had a nice voice and played well. The only criticism I have would be that at points, some of the songs started to feel a little monotonous. He did have a lot of songs in 3/4 which was cool because it's more difficult to write for that.

The father played electric guitar sort of in the background. He was basically just jamming to his son's songs. I guess they hadn't played together in a year, so there was a time or two when something really didn't fit, but it was all good because he was having the time of his life up there or so it seemed.

I was next. I set up and started playing. Basically, everyone loved it and I was able to make them laugh and such in between songs with a few funny comments. Even though I was playing really well and everyone was digging it, I was a little concerned because it really wasn't my target audience. The majority of the crowd was 30-40 somethings drinking wine. I noticed lots of people were leaving tips, but no one was checking out the merch. What do 40 year olds want with a My Anodyne shirt anyway though?

There was one couple who were a little bit more into it than everyone else though. The wife was closing her eyes so she could concentrate on the lyrics better and was bobbing her head to the beat. The husband simply watched very intently. When I first noticed this I got those good warm fuzzies similar to the ones you get on a first kiss. It was nice.

After I finished, the couple came up to me and I thought they looked like they were from England. They sounded Australian though. Anyways, they came up and told me that I was brilliant and wished me good luck on the rest of my tour. They were cool.

A couple random events happened while I was there. I was hit on by an old lady immediately after I helped her out of her chair. Also, I met some girl who was in the Brian Jonestown Massacre. She thought I did great. She sang two impromptu songs with the host after I finished. She has a really nice voice. Some old guy told me he had a fat sack of reefer too. That was funny.

After that where did I go? In-N-Out Burger of course. Delish. Then I went and got gas where some guy twice my age asked if I had any pot. It took a little bit to convince him that I didn't. I think he was hanging around hoping to get lit with the cashier.

I headed out on my 6+ hour drive to LA. Big thanks to Amber for bullshitting with my for a good portion so I wouldn't get too tired.

I made it here. I'm actually in Harbor City. I think I might head to San Diego right after I check out tomorrow because I've got to be up at 12. I'll get settled in nicely down there.