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Tour Journal: Day 5 - San Diego, CA

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Miles Traveled Today: 130
Total Miles Traveled: 1384

I woke up today on very little sleep around 11:00am. I really wasn't feeling that great so I decided to head down to San Diego right away and take the day to chill rather than wait around for an open mic in LA.

I headed down and had a nice little drive. I was able to check out the ocean and see all the palm trees lining the coast. It was 70 and sunny so it was really nice.

I made it to San Diego and checked into my room. It's the nicest I've had except there is no ice machine which sucks (you figure out what I want the ice for). I wound up in a room with two beds which is neat I guess.

I headed out in search of food after loading in. While on my way back from the mall and getting food I saw four police cars with their guns drawn pointing at an SUV at a gas station I was driving by. The people inside looked like they were going to piss themselves. It was pretty neat. I hadn't seen anything of that sort before.

I came back to the room and talked with my friend Steve for a bit then I watched the Warriors beat the Mavericks. Very Nice!

After the game I realized I had a pretty bad headache. I took a shower and don't feel much better. Perhaps it's that I haven't been getting a ton of sleep. Either way, I'm going to turn in now. Show tomorrow. I'm excited.