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Tour Journal: Day 6 - San Diego, CA

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I woke up and headed to Jack In The Box. I had to park behind the place because the parking situation was weird. When I came back out there was maybe 6-10 kids in back smoking weed at like noon in a busy place. I thought that was pretty funny.

After that, I tried to find a store that would carry my CD. I called several and many of them said that their buyer was out today, so that stank.

I headed to where I was playing. I had a little trouble finding it because it's tucked away behind a big Barnes and Noble sign. It was like a massive strip mall in a really nice part of town. There was a fountain outside and it was pretty everywhere.

The first guy that played was named Cowboy Jack. I didn't like him because he played mostly covers and because he was promoting the other show he was playing that night which was going on when I would be playing. So, screw him.

The next people to play were Podunk Nowhere and I happened to like them quite a bit. They were a husband and wife team and they sounded really tight. Good singer and a good guitar player.

Then I played a half set because the way they do it there is to play two half sets so people can see everyone. I played 4 originals and 1 cover each set. I played Hotwax by Beck and got a laugh when I translated the chorus, though it probably didn't need to be translated because almost everyone speaks Spanish here. I haven't seen any horses running or balls on top of tables, yet, so I can't communicate. How about that? A little Rosetta Stone humor.

Everyone seemed to dig the show. I made it back safely. I'm going to bed. I've got to be on the road again in like 7 hours.