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Tour Journal: Day 7 - Tucson, AZ

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So I woke up at 5am and was trying to leave by 7am. I wound up getting on the road at 8am headed for Tucson. I heard it was about a 6 hour drive and I wanted to be at my show early. The show was scheduled to begin at 3pm.

So I drove and drove and drove, got gas, and drove some more. I saw some desert and some cacti. It was neat for maybe a half an hour, then it got pretty boring and I just wanted to get there.

I got held up with some border patrol stop for a while. All they did was look at me, point with two fingers first at me, then at the road, and said thank you. It was a waste of time.

I finally got to Tucson and to the show. The record store I was playing at was a little unprepared and I believe they forgot that I was playing. They were super nice though and helped me set up quickly once I arrived.

Bill, Jo, and their buddy Grool arrived a few minutes later. They got his name from a part in the movie Mean Girls.

I had never played an in-store before, so I really wasn't sure what to expect. Basically, Bill, Jo, and Grool were the only people that watched me play. Bill filmed on his camera, which I'm sort of curious to see.

So, I finished up. I thought I played pretty well and was a little bummed that no one else watched. I packed up with help from Bill's group. When we finished packing up, one of the workers approached me and asked how much my CDs were. $5.00. Why? Does someone want to buy one? Yeah. They're up front. Naturally, I grabbed a CD and went up front to hand deliver it. That was pretty cool I thought since I wasn't counting on selling anything.

After the show we went to watch Hot Fuzz. It was hilarious. Everyone else thought so too.

We went to the Macaroni Grill and wound up with several interesting stories that you'll have to ask about in person (sample: cockroach, cat, parmesan). The food was delicious.

We then headed back to Bill and Jo's apartment and went to bed pretty quickly after that because we were all pretty tired. Not before I tried the Apple Fanta and decided I liked it.