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Tour Journal: Day 8 - Riverside, CA

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Miles Traveled Today: 515 miles
Total Miles Traveled: 2455 miles

I woke today in Arizona for the first time in my life. I took a shower then shot the shit with Bill and Jo for a while. It was pretty fun. They made me some yummy eggs and sausage. I had a good time staying with them. Thanks again you two.

I had to drive from somewhere about an hour south of Tucson to Riverside, CA. It was supposed to take around 8 hours. I left around 1:30pm. It was a pretty boring drive until the sun began to go down. It was really pretty though the sun was right in my eyes until it went all the way down. Unfortunately, both my video camera and my cell phone ran out of batteries at that time. So, I couldn't film it and I also couldn't tell people how good it looked.

The driving was a little hairy all the way to Riverside from El Centro. Both of which were pretty driving into at night because you come down a hill and the lights peek out before you're finished with the hill and it's a nice view.

I made it to Riverside around 10pm. It's by far the best room I've been in thus far. It's also one of the cheapest. Score!

Off to San Francisco tomorrow. Then I play the Brain Wash on the 8th. I'm excited for it. Hopefully everything goes well.