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Tour Journal: Day 9 - Pinole, CA

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Miles Traveled Today: 437 miles
Total Miles Traveled: 2892 miles

Today started off a little rocky. The place I was staying was really nice. So, I wanted to try and get a late checkout. Checkout is scheduled for 11. I called down and the guy at the desk said I could check out at 1:30pm it was 10:00am when I called. So, I thought it was a great deal. At 11:30am, I just finished my shower and I got a call from the front desk informing me that I was late for check out. I said that I was told 1:30. They guy said he told me 11:30. Either way, I had to be out by noon, or I would be charged $30 extra. Not a cool way to start the day.

After that, I just drove for a while. Then I drove some more. Again, it wasn't the worst I've seen driving through LA. I think perhaps that I'm just getting more comfortable with the way they drive here. I've also noticed that some of the drivers make what looks to be a ill advised maneuver solely for personal gain are actually doing it to keep traffic flowing. Sadly, out-of-towners like me get freaked out because we aren't used to it and we get a little brake happy. So, the maneuver winds up slowing traffic anyway.

I made it back into San Francisco and did some laundry. So, that was exciting. Detroit winning the series was certainly a bit more exciting though. That's right, Steve told me my guys beat the Sharks in the Shark Tank and are headed to play Anaheim and crappy Pronger in the Conference Finals.

I'm pumped for tomorrow's show. I'm going to try and get my CD at the Amoeba in SF before the show tomorrow. Hopefully, I can get a couple of people to go while I'm there. For now though, I'm going to go read and then catch some zs.