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Tour Journal: Day 10 - San Francisco, CA

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I began the day by heading to El Cerritto to use "carol's" wireless internet again. I may decide to do the same thing tomorrow before heading out. I grabbed some more In-N-Out burger too.

I then headed into San Francisco to get my CD in the Amoeba music there. It went smoothly and I now have CDs in San Francisco.

After that I went to the Brain Wash. It's a restaurant/Laundromat. I had to set up the PA with the keyboardist in the band I was opening for. That took a while.

I got set up and played for basically no one. It really wasn't an environment that placed any focus on the performers. I did manage to gain one fan though; apparently he might be able to set me up with some shows too. So hopefully something develops there.

Michela MacFarlane was up next. She and her partner Bob played well. They are both really good musicians. I watched them played then headed out. I'm watching Leno right now waiting for Conan. I hope everyone's doing well.