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Tour Journal: Day 11 - Medford, OR

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Miles Traveled Today: 386 miles
Miles Traveled Total: 3344 miles

I woke up and check out of my hotel. I headed to get my last In-N-Out burger for a while. They were packed so I decided to catch another one on the road.

I found one equally packed but with a hungrier Chris. I decided to eat there. Then I basically just drove to Medford and checked in.

I talked to Psychofairy an old friend from Astoria. Her name is Rachael but her screen name was psychofairy for so long it stuck. For me and Steve anyways. Anywho, she goes to college in Ashland and we made plans to hang out.

We did just that along with some of her friends who were cool too. They are funny people.

Also, Rachael bought a CD and shirt when the night was done which was very cool. I've got a day off tomorrow then I'm in Seattle on the 11th.