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Tour Journal: Day 14 - Spokane, WA

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Today began with me waking up at Q's and taking a shower. I then woke Matt up and told him to take a shower. When Matt finished Q took a shower while Matt and I played Guitar Hero.

We headed out on the road shortly after. Not before we got some Burger King and Allergy medicine though. We had a pretty long drive ahead of us. Somewhere around 5 hours or so to Spokane. I drove to around Ellensburg then Matt took over.

I tried to watch X-Men 3 on the way, but it makes me a little carsick trying to watch DVDs in the car. So, I sat up front after I realized that.

We made it to the place I was going to play (Leonardo's Coffee) with what the owner said was enough time to make it to Sonic and back. We wanted to go there because we don't have one here. However, he convinced us to go somewhere else (Twigz I think) and get the burger with caramelized onions and gouda cheese. So we did. It was delicious.

Before we went to eat though, the owner asked if I had seen the article written about me. I told him I hadn't. He showed me one of the copies that were hanging up around the place. It was pretty cool. That's the first piece of press I've received for this. You can read the article here: Inlander - May 9, 2007

When we returned after eating, we were in a really good mood. So much so that I started chatting up everyone. I was talking to this one lady and she said she saw the article and wished me well. She had a lecture to go to otherwise she would have stayed to watch. She did decide though that she wanted to buy my CD without even hearing me. How neat is that?

We got all set up and then I started playing. It was a pretty small crowd made up of mostly the other band and a few people that saw my article. I didn't let that deter me. I played my songs and I thought I did well. Apparently, some of the people thought I did well too because they came up and bought a CD.

One of the bands that was supposed to play had to dropout because one member quit an hour before the show. His quitting prompted one of the other members to quit as well. In addition to that Kristen Marlo's drummer was going to be late. So, there was probably a 45 minute wait in between acts.

During the wait, Karch (the owner) made me a Pina Colada smoothie. It's not on the menu but he was telling me about it earlier so I wanted to try it. It was very good.

Eventually, Kristen's band arrived and set up. Right before they played, I had a nice guy (Andy) come up to me and ask if I had already played. I told him I had. He was disappointed but wanted to buy a CD. Great! Also, he told me he has a local radio show in Spokane and would be playing my stuff on there. Pretty sweet stuff huh?

Matt and I watched Kristen and her band play. I really enjoyed watching the drummer. He was doing a lot of technical stuff, which I thought sounded really cool. The bassist and guitar player are both named Dave. Matt and I met them before the show and they are both really nice. Dave (guitar) sang some of the songs and that was neat. He harmonized really well with Kristen.

They played for quite a while, so only a few songs really stuck out. One is "The Quiet Song" which, as you may have guessed, is quiet. It's just Kristen and a guitar. Her voice sounds like a mix of Sarah McLachlan and Kelly Clarkson. Another one was "The Best of Me" where the drummer was doing some really cool sixteenth note stuff during the verse.

After the show, we chatted for a bit and exchanged info. Then, you guessed it, we headed to Sonic. Basically, Sonic takes forever. It was to the point where we were like "Let's just leave." "Okay." Then they came out. That's how close it was. Their food was good and their limeades were great. I don't know if I would eat there frequently though.

We headed to our friend Q's friend's place to drop off some stuff and to show our Mortal Kombat dominance. Well, we did just that. On a system we are unfamiliar with no less (Gamecube). Then we played some guitar hero. I had my best game yet. 365 note streak, which just so happened to beat Starr. She took first place the round before and she can play expert. This was on medium for the both of us though.

We then embarked on our 6-hour drive back to Longview with a pit stop in Lakewood to get Matt's car. We each drove a little over two hours then switched so the other could sleep. It was insanely windy when we switched. Matt told me it started snowing shortly after somewhere.

We made it to Q's Matt picked up his car and we both headed home.

I arrived safe and sound finished with my first tour.