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Recording Journal: Day 2

Recording began in the evening. Stephen had me play the drums to get the levels sorted before Jake arrived. I ran through one of the songs about 3 times. During those run throughs I managed to work up roughly a million little blisters, and that’s pretty good if we measure goodness on the amount of blisters I can work up.

Anyway, Jake showed up soon after starting the run throughs. We listened to a bit of stuff, but mostly jumped right in, and started tracking.

I have the song order pretty set already, so we decided to follow the order of the album. We changed up the sound after the first two songs by removing a tom and swapping snares.

The following two songs I expected to be rough to record, but Jake ripped right through them.

On the final song of the night, we added the tom we previously removed. Jake’s not as much of a fan of 5 piece kits as Stephen or I, but this song called for the additional tom, so he acquiesced.

At that point, it was nearly midnight, so we went into the living room to wind down and ring in the new year. We didn't do anything particularly exciting, but we made plans to start up again early the next day.