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Recording Journal: Day 3

The day started rough, as I wasn't able to get my normal sixteen hours beauty sleep. I don’t know how I let those guys talk me into starting so early (10am).

After I left, I remembered that I needed to grab extra cymbal and drum stands, so I turned around and got them. Then I had to make another stop and pick up breakfast burritos from Don Pedro's. I mean where do these guys get off being so generous with their time and energy and then expecting the littlest things in return?

The burrito I got was pretty tasty. I also grabbed a grapefruit soda, but that was only okay.

After we ate we jumped right into tracking again. The first song we did went really smoothly. For the next song we had to make some major adjustments to the drums, so they could better fit the sound, and that was somewhat of an ordeal. Once it was set up, things were back to running smooth.

For the next song, we made the decision to break the album order. We didn't want to tear down the drums only to set them back up two songs later. That song went smoothly too.

The next two songs were a little rocky due to a mixture of technical difficulties and out of time reference drums. We basically had to completely redo one of the songs because the snare we were using busted. In the last song we recorded, we spent about half the time trying to get a tiny piece of it just right because the way I set up the reference drums was bizarre. What made it rougher was that it’s the most high energy song on the album, and Jake was tearing up his hands while going nuts on the drums. In the end though, we got all the parts sorted, and Jake put in some bad ass fills. The drums are really coming along nicely.

There’s still two songs that need drums, and we made plans to record those Sunday. Before then though, Stephen and I are going to start recording bass on Saturday for the songs that do have drums. That means I have a day to relearn the parts I wrote.