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Recording Journal: Day 4

I knew we were tracking bass today, so I stayed up last night writing out all of the bass parts. I don’t have them memorized because I just log the idea in my computer when I come up with a part I like. I haven't played a good majority of the parts since the day I wrote them. As I was relearning the parts, and writing them down, the callus on my index finger started to wear away.

When I arrived Stephen was working on a car he just bought. I know very little about cars, so the conversation we had about his car was brief.

I alerted Stephen to the wearing away of my callus. With that in mind we decided to begin with more medium energy songs. That meant not recording based on the tracklist.

Recording the first song was smooth, with the exception of the pre-chorus. The part I wrote is weird, and it was difficult to get a take that was both in time and flavorful. In the end, we managed to get it down. Thankfully, the rest of the bass on the track oozes flavor, so there was never too much cause for concern.

Like the previous track, the next one went smooth for the majority of the song. The only tricky part was in the breakdown. I had to write a new bass line that better fit with the new drum part. That turned out okay, I think. It's still new, so I can't trust myself 100% right now, but it felt good at the time. If we decide it stinks later, we can always redo it. Overall, the bass sounded great on this one. I was able to really lay into some parts, and I think it comes through.

After we recorded that second song, my finger was feeling pretty raw. I could feel my pulse in it, which was kind of surprising since the bass I'd been using to that point has these really soft strings. I was doing a fair amount of slides though; I'm assuming that's what did it.

We switched to a new bass for the next song. The strings weren't as forgiving, but the song is really delicate, so we figured it’d be fine (it was). The recording went almost too smooth. There were a couple times where I did another take just because I felt like I should.

That's basically it. The plan is to finish the drums tomorrow.