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Recording Journal: Day 5

I got a message from Stephen early today saying that Jake had rescheduled the rest of the drumming for Thursday. Stephen and I decided to go ahead with recording anyway, and just try to knock out another song or two on bass.

When I arrived, Stephen had just made tea for himself, and he offered me some. He said he had a bunch of different types, so I decided to try the weirdest one. That wound up being some sort of chocolate tea with pepper flakes. He wasn't kidding about his selection; that's a pretty weird type of tea. It was great though.

After my tea, we got to work on what we're pretty sure will be the first song on the album. It's a pretty rocking song, so we went with a beefier bass. There was a fair amount of fiddling trying to find the appropriate sound, but it wound up sounding really cool though. Even with it being a rocking song, it came out much heavier sounding than I'd anticipated. I think it works well though.

Finding the right sound on the next song demanded a fair bit of fiddling too. Part of that was due to us approaching it with different ideas of how we thought it should sound. Once we got on the same page, it was easier to find. I was surprised with how dirty we wound up having the bass sound. I'm really happy with it though. We ended up changing some of the bass lines a little so that they fit with the fills better. I think they'll help the song flow better.

Both of those songs took a while to get through, but that was mainly due to trying different things out.

We decided to give the fastest song on the album a run through to see how it was sounding. It sounded okay, but we thought it'd be better to try and get that when I was fresh.

After that we sat around for a couple hours listening to and talking about music. Some of the artists discussed were: Kvelertak, Baroness, Mastadon, The Early November, Jack White, Osker, Fingers Cut, Megamachine!, Mal Blum, Saintseneca, Porter Robinson, and Purity Ring.

Next day of recording is scheduled for Thursday. In the mean time, I'm going to try and write the remaining bass parts to match up even more with the drumming Jake did on the other songs.