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Recording Journal: Day 6

The plan was to finish the drums yesterday, but Jake wasn't able to make it again. Upon learning that, Stephen decided we should scrap the recording plans yesterday and focus on recording more bass today.

We had to start earlier than we normally would because Stephen had a hard out at 4:30. We started at noon.

Previously, we'd thought about recording the fastest song at the beginning of the day the next time we recorded, but we decided to put it off again because it's kind of complicated, and we were under a little bit of a time crunch.

We decided to start with the second fastest song. We went back to the sound of the non-reverse Thunderbird. It has a meaty sound that really works well for the heavier songs. The recording went pretty smooth. It took a while, but that was mostly due to being extra picky about the takes, and trying out various transitions. It was a lot of fun.

Next we recorded the song I'm thinking will be the fifth song on the album. For this we needed a cleaner sound. We tried it out with the Thunderbird, but the rough take didn't sound right, so we went to a different bass. This one was a violin bass. I actually used it on the last record I made with Stephen. It's harder to play than the Thunderbird, but it's well worth it for the sound. The test for this one sounded off too. It turned out the floor tom was tuned to a C natural, and it was clashing with the C# I was playing. Luckily, we able to change the tom sound so it fit.

This song is all about the groove, so we spent most of the time making sure everything hit when it was supposed to. The bass lines for the song are simple, but getting them just right was tough. We had to artificially cut notes short because I wasn't muting as much or as quick as I needed to in the chorus.

That's all we did today. It was pretty successful even though we were only able to get two done. Not sure exactly when we'll record next, but there was a little talk about Thursday/Friday next week.