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Recording Journal: Day 7

We started recording a little after 4 today. We learned Jake won't be ready to record again for another week or two, so we're going to keep plugging away on the tracks that already have drums.

The plan we set for today was to do the remaining tracks that need live bass and already have drums. After that, we wanted to think about how to approach the song where the bass is all digital.

We decided to use the non-reverse Thunderbird again. It fills out the low end so well in the high energy songs that it's hard to go with anything else when that's available. I made the mistake of declaring the song an easy one. I should have known better. Yes, the parts are simple, but saying something like that is just asking for trouble. After a couple takes, it was clear that something was amiss. It was the tuning. I tuned the strings to where I was on pitch, but as I played them, they would get pretty far away from where they needed to be. It was a combination on how aggressively I was playing, the string not sitting perfectly in the nut, the intonation, and the song using drop d tuning. To fix the situation, we (Stephen) filed the nut a little, fixed the intonation, and I tuned the troublesome string slightly flat, so it would be on pitch when actually playing. It was probably an hour working on that before we were actually ready to record. Luckily the actual recording went smooth.

After that, Stephen went to eat some taco soup his wife, Laura, made. Then someone else came, and Stephen helped them with some computer trouble.

While that was going on, I was practicing the next song. It's the fastest on the album, and one of the more difficult ones to play. Once Stephen returned we were ready to get to work. We approached it section by section. It took a little while, but we didn't encounter any real issues. The practicing really helped, I think.

That was it for the live bass. Next up was the only song on the album where the bass is all done on the computer. While we were playing with different sounds, Stephen stumbled across an effect that is bizarre, but kind of works in a certain part. The effect is called murmur, and it sounds, well, like people murmuring. I don't normally use a ton of effects like that in my songs, so it's fun to think about using one like that. It sounds spooky.

After that, we called it a night.

Before I end this I want to say congratulations to Stephen and Laura! They've got a baby on the way, and that's pretty exciting.