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Recording Journal: Day 8

I'm not totally sure how it happened, but I was early today. The plan was to record at 2:00, but I got there at 1:55. I'm usually around 10 mins late. Stephen had told me previously that it was fine to just walk inside whenever I arrived, so I walked in and set my stuff down. After setting down my stuff, I realized no one was home. His dogs were barking as though they forgot they liked me, so I waited in my car until Stephen returned.

Soon after Stephen returned, Jake showed up! We got to work quick. We (Jake) tuned up my wood snare to use for the final two songs. There was a brief moment of concern that the bright sound of the snare might take away from the vibe I'm going for with the songs. As we tested it out though, we realized it wouldn't be an issue. It was sounding great.

The first song we tracked doesn't have drums for the first half, so tracking the drums didn't take very long. There was a small technical goof (one of the mics came unplugged) that forced us to redo the parts, but aside from that, it was really straight forward.

We kept the setup the same for the final song. This went smooth too. Jake changed the drums in the post-chorus to amp up the energy, and it's pretty rad. We decided to try incorporating part of that idea in a different part of the song too. It's too soon to know if that idea will make the cut, but we made sure it's an option. We were all pretty hyped on the post-chorus.

After that, Jake wanted to put down an idea he'd been toying with. I believe it's just a verse so far. He played guitar, drums, and bass. It had a fun sort of Oasis feel to it. It was interesting to see how he approaches stuff. He only did one or two takes for everything. It's likely that's just due to it being a demo, but it differs from how I approach recording in that I get anxious if there's only one or two takes. If it feels too easy, I just assume something went wrong.

Jake left after that, and Stephen and I decided to lay down the first guitar parts on the album. We decided to record a guitar part where we didn't have to set up and mic an amp. The recording went slow. There were some hammer ons and pull offs that weren't sounding as clean as I'd hoped. I think we wound up with some nice takes in the end.

We sat around and talked about building websites for a little while after. That was fun. It turns out he used to be a monster. For example, he was a big fan of windows popping up off screen playing music. Luckily (for everyone else) browsers handle that sort of thing much better now.

Plans are to record multiple times next week, but the days are TBD.