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Recording Journal: Day 10

We started tuning in the afternoon today. We took some small breaks to record, but they were brief.

After I arrived we spent a bit of time setting stuff up and listening to other recordings Stephen had done. He played me a track that his wife, Laura, wrote, and it was pretty great. It turns out she's a really good singer and piano player. Stephen had told me before that she was a musician, but this was the first stuff I'd heard.

The gear was giving us some issues today that made setting up the amps a significant chore. However, as we were testing stuff out, we did create a plan for how to approach the first song we wanted to record today. It has two rhythm guitar tracks, and we found a setup where the tracks complement each other nicely.

The verses have a palm muted guitar. We decided to have some fun tracking it though. We recorded each note separately, and then panned them to give a nice stereo image of the chords. That part was only slightly tricky because we had to be very aware of the timing since it needed to match up with the other guitar.

After we finished the verses, we move onto the tuning. Once you enter the tuning stage, you never really seem to leave. It's the worst. In between tuning, we managed to eek out a couple solid rhythm tracks, but it took most of the energy Stephen and I had, so we decided that was enough guitar for today.

We decided to try some piano on the album's slowest song. I'd never played the parts I wrote before, so I was anxious to try. I'm not a piano player, but I know which notes are which, so I figured it wouldn't be too hard. After I learned how to play the parts, we discovered I'm a weak player, and that we should ask Laura to play the piano on the record.

After failing to lay down any piano, I tried to play the violin Stephen had. I've never played a violin before, but, naturally, I assumed I'd be great. Stephen assumed I'd be horrible, but I was able to impress him by being only being pretty bad. We decided to do the strings on the keyboard.

Laying down the strings went about as smoothly as the rest of the stuff today. However, we did manage to get some quality stuff. There were technical difficulties throughout. I think dealing with the technical difficulties today will help us in the long run, especially if we need to use more strings on this album.

After that, both Stephen and I were gassed, so we decided to stop. Around that time, Laura returned and agreed to try some piano on a different day, so that should work out nicely.

Rhythm guitar is done for one song, and some strings were added to another. Not the most productive day ever, but it's still nice that some stuff was finished.