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Recording Journal: Day 11

We started early today since we had to sort out technical issues before recording. Both Stephen and I had done some work before today, but there was still more to be done.

We (Stephen) wound up rewiring both guitars. It started as mostly opening them up to fix some minor ground issues, but then we decided we wanted versatility while in the middle switch position. Before the rewiring, turning down the volume on either pickup would turn both down. Because of that, we weren't able to do something like get 90% of the sound from the bridge and 10% from the neck. After rewiring, we were able to do that.

After the rewiring, we went to work on replacing one of the nuts. I'd done a little work on that before hand, but I didn't have the appropriate tools to really accomplish what we needed. In the end, the work I did amounted to something like Stephen opening a pickle jar and me saying, "well I loosened it for you."

The technical work took a few hours. After that, we got set up to record. That took a little longer than normal because we had more options available after the rewiring.

We stopped for lunch before actually recording. Laura made some awesome food, and I tried almond milk. I'd heard people rave about it, but I'd also heard people rave about coconut water, so I didn't exactly trust the recommendation. I only tried it because Stephen said they had a bunch of different types of milk. For some reason that struck me, and I figured I should have some sort of milk. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to try almond milk, so I did. Turns out it's fantastic! Oh man do I love almond milk. I had two glasses. The food was tremendous too.

After we ate, we started recording. We'd already set up the sound we wanted. We started by recording rhythm tracks in the choruses and middle 8. It sounded sweet, and it went smoothly. I was pleased that the rewiring came in handy already.

Once we finished the rhythm tracks for that song, we decided to try recording an acoustic guitar part where the guitar is supposed to sound crappy. It was pretty fun going through different sounds to try and get it sounding the right kind of crappy. The coolest part to me was that Stephen would physically move this wooden box around the microphone as I was playing to make the sound continue to change throughout. I thought that was pretty clever. We got a real nice crappy sound.

After that, we thought it might be a good time to track the piano since Laura was there. She's a very good player, so she was able to breeze through the parts. She plays with a lot of character, so I was psyched. There was some issues with the software not recognizing the foot pedal, but that was eventually figured out. Aside from that, the piano went really smooth, and, most importantly, it sounds great.

Stephen and I were both pretty tired by this point, so we decided to only track one more guitar part. It wound up taking forever because it needs to sound smooth, and the chord shapes I make with my hand don't flow into the next chord at all. Eventually we figured out a way to do it, but it wasn't easy. Like, the part is simple enough, but making it sound smooth was tough for me.

We stopped recording after that, but we sat around and watched some youtube videos before I left. It wound up being a productive day even if we didn't get a ton of recording done. Fixing up the guitars will be a big help as we continue. The plan is to record next on Sunday afternoon. It should be fun.