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Recording Journal: Day 12

The plan today was to record a few select guitar parts. I was dreading recording these because I assumed they'd be the most difficult to record. Not so much because they're difficult to play, but because they're almost daring the guitar to go out of tune. It's especially important that there are no sour notes either since the guitar will be by itself for parts of the songs. After working on our guitars last session, we might have been able to piece together a usable part, but it would have taken a really long time. Luckily Stephen was able to borrow a friend's very nice custom telecaster.

We started recording almost immediately. Even though we were able to use a high end guitar, I was still somewhat concerned we wouldn't have enough time to get what we needed today.

The first song went smoother than I expected. There was some concern initially because the switch was in my way, but we were able to get it tracked pretty quick once that was sorted. Well, quick might be a stretch, but we didn't encounter any other hiccups. The best thing is that it's sounding great.

After that, we spent a while finding the right sound for the next song. Once we found one we were happy with we did a couple takes where I ran through the entire song. Typically I just record section by section, but we thought this might be a better way to approach the song. It wasn't. The takes were mostly good, but when we listened back we started to notice some tuning issues that just weren't going to cut it when the guitar is by itself. Honestly, I was surprised we got as far as we did without encountering some issues recording these parts. We were able to get the parts tracked eventually, but it was a grind.

We called it a night after that. We didn't track too many parts today, but I'm really happy we were able to get what we needed. Being able to use that telecaster was a big help. Plans are to record again sometime next week—probably Wednesday or Thursday.