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Recording Journal: Day 14

When I arrived at Stephen's house to record he was flying a remote control plane. I watched him do that for a bit before we started recording. Even with the brief delay to fly the plane, we started recording quick, which was necessary, since our time today was limited.

We decided that our first task should be finishing the guitar for track 8. We had it all except for a nice clean acoustic in the background throughout the song. Stephen thought my acoustic would sound best, but I had my concerns since the body creaks in certain places, and I didn't want that to show up in the recording. Stephen thinks he'll be able to fix that in the near future, which is pretty cool. We set it up to test the sound, and it ended up fitting the song really well, so we went with it. Luckily none of the creaking showed up in the recording. At the end of the song, we decided to swap out that guitar in favor of the 70's Ibanez we'd used previously. It seemed to help the ending feel more complete.

After that, we decided to redo the choruses to Track 4 to get better takes where I play the full chords. It's an issue we discussed last time we recorded. We ended up double tracking the part and panning one left and one right to give a fuller stereo image.

That's all the recording we did today. It went smooth. I did wind up learning one of the guitar parts on banjo, which is kind of fun. Stephen wants me to use the banjo on the record somewhere, but it's tough to see where a good spot would be.

The plan is to record tomorrow.