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Recording Journal: Day 16

I arrived about 20 mins late, so we got to work pretty quick. We started in the morning.

The first order of business was to add the post-chorus lead guitar part I wrote for the last song on the album. We'd recorded the lead guitar for the chorus during the previous session. I thought we'd probably have to redo it since we wanted the lead sounds to match between the chorus and post-chorus. Fortunately, Stephen still had the same amp, the same guitar, and he hadn't changed any of the amp settings or mic placement since we last recorded. Because of that, we were able to add the post-chorus part without needing to redo the chorus. Pretty lucky.

After that, we moved on to the other song we worked on last session. We decided to add some of the fun lead parts in the chorus. We had some issues getting the right sound though because we were still missing the heavier rhythm tracks in the chorus. We decided to go back to the real amps and track those first. That went pretty smooth. We made the guitar sound cleaner than it was in the demo, and we double tracked it. We do a lot of double tracking; it's hard not to when you know how full it can make a song sound.

Once we got the rhythm tracks down we took another shot at the lead guitar part in the chorus. It was tougher to record than the rhythm tracks, but it went pretty smoothly for a lead part. After we finished that part, we decided to finish guitars for the whole song; that meant we had to record a short lead part in the verse. That only took a few takes. Hooray! Another song's guitar parts completed!

We took a break for lunch after that. Laura made some tasty chicken and rice. During lunch we watched some of season 2 of Arrow. We also talked about different varieties of Telecasters and the pros and cons of different modifications.

After lunch, we decided to start recording more parts in track 3. We'd recorded one guitar part early on, but hadn't returned since. There's a fun lead part in the verses and at the end that I thought would be fun to track. It was fun, and it went pretty smooth. We got a real nice tone for it. As we listened back to that part, I was goofing around with some harmonics, and stumbled onto a kind of fun part that we decided to track also. The next written part we record was the lead part in the post-chorus. That part kind of plays off of the lead in the verse, so we used a similar sound.

Next we decided to track a part that's sort of in between a rhythm and lead part in the verse. It took forever to find the right sound. We tried 3 different guitars. We eventually wound up using my Epiphone Les Paul that I used to record the demo. After we found the right sound, it only took a couple takes.

The last song we worked on was track 2, which, until today, had no guitars. We rearranged some of the parts, which is why we held off on recording guitars. Had to make sure the changes still fit the song. The part we decided to track is a lead part in the intro that also reappears in various places.

After that we called it a night. It was a very productive day. The plan is to record again tomorrow.