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Recording Journal: Day 18

I arrived to record around midday, but Stephen was dealing with some unexpected issues, so he was running late. Luckily Laura was home this time so I didn't have to sit in my car and wait. Stephen's told me it's cool to just go in, but it seems to upset the dogs, and I guess I just wouldn't be super comfy with it. Anyway, Laura was home, so it wasn't an issue. Laura and I talked about music while I waited for Stephen. Some of the artists discussed were The Paper Chase, The Decemberists, My Brightest Diamond, Gotye, and Kimbra.

Stephen arrived as we were listening to a Gotye song Laura was playing for me. He said we should watch the making of while we ate. Oh yeah, he brought tacos from Don Pedros. We did that. It was a pretty cool documentary. The tacos were tasty too.

After that, we were ready to start recording. Stephen had done some other recording between the last time I recorded and today. A music stand had gotten tipped over because a banjo case hit it and the bottom strap button on one of the guitars had gone missing. To remedy the strap situation Stephen went with a screw and a bottle cap to hold the strap in place. I've always went the toothpick route when that's happened with my guitars, but I've also had the strap buttons, so an alternative was necessary. It seemed to work pretty well.

We decided to start recording the guitar parts that were problematic last time because my ears got tired. We went with the virtual amps because we can modify the sound after the fact too. I don't think it'll take much adjustment though because we got them sounding great. We've now finished guitars for Track 4.

We'd only done a little work on Track 10 previously, so we decided to give that a whirl. Track 10 is the song where the bass was just made on the computer rather than played. It has a lot of room for experimentation. We only did guitar on it today though. We tracked, and then doubled, the rhythm guitar in the chorus. We added another guitar in the chorus to fill out the sound even more, and we recorded a palm muted guitar in the verse.

Stephen had to stop earlier than normal today, so we decided to try and get a sound for a solo I'd written for Track 2. I also wanted to get Stephen's opinion. We got a sound we liked pretty quick, so we put down a few takes of it. Stephen seemed to like it, and I was pleased as well. We'll probably redo it still, but I feel good about the progress we made.

We stopped after that. No more recording this week. The plan is to record on Thursday, and possibly make it a Thursday, Friday, Saturday situation, which would be fun.