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Recording Journal: Day 19

I arrived around 4:30 today, and we started recording shortly after. Prior to recording today, I realized that I hadn't recorded a certain part in track 2 for the intro and post-chorus that helps carry the lead. I pointed it out to Stephen to see what he thought we should do. We considered redoing what we'd done already with the rhythm, but decided to lay it on top instead. It worked well and it sounds great.

We kept at it with track 2. We added a lead part in the chorus that was pretty fun to record. We just looped me and we came away with some terrific takes. That was the end of the guitar for that song, which is pretty cool.

The next song we recorded on was track 7. We hadn't recorded any guitars for track 7 until today. It's driven by other instruments, which is why we hadn't gotten around to tracking the guitars. The first part we decided to tackle was the last chorus, which is also the only chorus with guitars. We did a few takes normally, but then decided to try using alternatives to picks so I could strum as aggressively as I wanted to while keeping the sound more subdued. We tried a folded up microfiber cloth and a big piece of foam. The piece of foam sounded best, so we double tracked it. We also did some takes with the pick so we could get a noise free ring out at certain points. When recording with the foam, we have to record at a different volume, and that makes the noise from the guitar more prevalent.

We stopped for dinner after that. Laura made some tasty thing that had the word steak in it. I don't know what it is exactly, but there was tomatoes, onions, and meat. We watched some Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. while we ate.

After dinner we continued recording guitars for track 7. There were only two parts remaining: a palm muted guitar in the breakdown, and a subtle lead guitar in the chorus. We finished both of them pretty quick, and it's sounding great. Guitar is finished for that song too!

After that, we moved on to track 10 and started with the lead guitar part for the chorus. I hadn't tabbed this part out for myself because it's pretty simple to find the notes. We ran into a little trouble though because I learned it in a different spot than how I wrote it originally. It turns out that I wrote it in a way that I wouldn't predict. I tried 3 different ways before finding the right one. Recording it that way made me miss what I liked about the first way we tried it though. Stephen was able to combine them so they work together. The way I like is all on one string, and I get to do a bunch of fun slides. The other way is on two totally different strings, but they leaves much less space between notes, which Stephen really liked. It might sound like it was frustrating to figure that whole thing out, but it was fun.

We stayed with track 10, and worked on a palm muted guitar next. That must have went easily since I barely remember recording it, and I just did it earlier today. The next part we recorded simply because I was goofing around as we were listening back and came up with something cool sounding. It's a part that will be pretty far in the background, but I think it'll add some sparkle. We used a delay to make it sound like I'm playing twice as many notes as I really am, and that's always fun. We did that on the first track of the previous album we recorded together.

After that we called it a night. The plan is to record tomorrow. Stephen wants to start early, and I want to start in the afternoon. We'll see what happens.