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Recording Journal: Day 20

I arrived around 1. We decided to start tracking some vocals today, so the first thing we needed to do was set up the vocal booth. That went pretty smooth. I brought in the comfy chair from the control room. I know a lot of people stand when they record vocals, but I struggle with consistency when I do it, and I need every advantage I can get when I sing, so I sit. There was some weird buzzing that was coming through as we were setting up that took a bit to locate and remove. It wasn't even part of the recording. It was part of the mic Stephen uses to talk to me from the control room.

The vocal booth is pretty cool. Stephen has it rigged up with a bunch of led lights. He's also got a remote that allows you to change the colors to match whatever mood you want for the song. I went with orange for this one. I wanted yellow initially, but the yellow felt more white than I wanted. The orange felt yellow.

The vocal parts we decided to record are the choruses and breakdown of track 2. It went smoother than Stephen and I expected, which was a welcome surprise. It was a little tricky in the 2nd and 3rd choruses because I changed up the lyrics a little from the demo, so I accidentally sang the demo version a few times.

After we finished recording those vocals, I brought the comfy chair back into the control room so we could go through the vocals and pick out the best takes. Once we'd done that, I decided it'd be a good idea to do a rough take of the harmonies so we could make sure they'd match up well. They did, but we'll do those for real at a later date.

We decided to move onto recording the rest of the guitar for track 12 after that, which is all acoustic. After deciding, I went to pee. I'd drank a ton of water in preparation for recording vocals, so I was peeing frequently. When I returned, Stephen had already set up the vocal booth to record the acoustic. Instead of the comfy chair though, he used a drum stool, but I figured that'd be fine.

I was wrong: it was not fine. I didn't realize it, but I use the arm of the chair to stabilize my left arm when I play the acoustic. I had to try using my leg, but then my elbow was digging in, and it was uncomfortable to play. Additionally, it wasn't sounding very close to how either of us imagined it would, so we decided to move on to something else pretty quickly.

It had been a while since we'd done anything on track 6, so we decided to give that a shot. The only guitar parts remaining are the lead guitar in the chorus and the "solo." We were only interested in trying the lead in the chorus today. It started a little rocky because of how I wrote the part. I made it difficult to mute a string I need to because I play a chord in an open position. We decided the easiest solution would be to detune ½ step, and play it on the first fret. Once we did that, it was really easy and fun to record.

We called it a day after that. Not a ton of obvious progress, but it was big to get the vocals started. We've got a system now, and that's important. The plan is to record Thursday.