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Recording Journal: Day 22

I needed to run some errands before leaving to record, and, at every stop, I encountered different issues. Now, none of the issues were major, but when they start piling up like that, every new hurdle feels massive. On days where I'm planning to record vocals I like to do vocal exercises prior to arriving. By vocals exercises I mean doing the one vocal exercise I know how to do. It's this lip buzz thing, and I just do that until my lips start to feel numb. Even the lip buzz was giving me some trouble.

At that point, I'd started to feel like the universe was conspiring against me. I wasn't about to let the universe get the best of me though. Hell no. The universe can kiss my ass. I realized that the universe was screwing up things that I'd planned, so I thought I'd surprise Stephen with the news that we're recording guitar today instead of vocals, which would be breaking the plans. Because only the plan was doomed, the guitar recording would go smoothly, I thought.

When I arrived, Stephen informed me that we wouldn't be able to record vocals today. He'd messaged me about it too, but I didn't receive it until I arrived. Damn universe. Apparently, the weather had messed up his roof again, and there'd been another leak in the vocal booth. Turns out both Stephen and I had planned to record guitar today even though it hadn't been communicated. Obviously, I had to record vocals instead. Stephen was a little hesitant, but said it was the day to do so this week since he hadn't cleaned it all out and sprayed it with stuff yet. The carpet was squishy.

We decided to start with Track 4 chorus vocals. It sounded a little thin at first, so Stephen added another mic to help round out the sound, and that seemed to work. Recording the chorus vocals went about as smooth as I would have expected. They're a little trickier than some of the other parts we'd recorded, but it wound up not taking that much longer.

After that, we decided to continue working on Track 4 stuff and do the breakdown. The breakdown is unique in this song because it has a couple parts where we thought it'd sound cool as if it were a ton of people singing, so I did a bunch of takes of every part in the breakdown. There's a lot of layers. I think it came out pretty sweet though, for the most part. At the end we tried to record an accent vocal, but that wasn't sounding quite right with the mic setup, so we decided to put that off for another day.

After that, we called it a night. It was only a 2 and a half hour session, but I'm pleased with the work we got done. We had planned to record tomorrow as well, but, because of the leak, Stephen's going to spend tomorrow cleaning and fixing stuff. Thursday is the plan now. Let's hope the universe learned its lesson, and doesn't try to mess with me again.