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Recording Journal: Day 23

We started recording in the evening. Stephen had set up a heater and some fans to try and have the vocal booth ready to go by the time we started. I think it would have been fine, but we decided to wait another day until we used it again. That meant today was a guitar day.

We decided to do some work on Track 3. We still needed the rhythm guitar for the pre-chorus and chorus as well as the lead guitar in the chorus. We spent a bit of time trying to find the right sound for the pre-chorus. Once we found the basic idea, Stephen started sorting through various pedals. I think he was looking for a specific one, but I'm not totally sure. Either way, he stumbled across one that sounded fantastic, so I told him to stop sifting. He heard the same thing I heard. The pedal is called the Fender Blender. It gave a sound that was quite a bit thicker than we'd intended, but it sounded so good we went with it. The effect it had was really weird. It felt like it was doing something that would take multiple pedals. It's got distortion, but also sounds like some sort of octave stuff. Anyway, it rules. We looked into it a bit later into the session, and apparently it was used heavily by Smashing Pumpkins and My Bloody Valentine, which made sense to me, since I enjoy the guitar sounds from both bands.

We started with the pre-chorus parts. I did a take and played through the chorus too. Originally, we'd planned for me to punch in there since we wanted a more impactful shift from pre-chorus to chorus. However, after doing the one take, we thought it might be better to actually play through. Once we decided that, I started having trouble with the first chord change in the pre-chorus. I wasn't able to figure out what exactly was wrong either. The pedal was magnifying something that I didn't like, but I'm not sure what. The weirdest part is that no other parts were giving me trouble, and I repeat the progression. Eventually I lucked out and it sounded good.

After recording the pre-chorus and chorus parts, we decided that the rhythm guitar may not need to be doubled here because the pedal makes the one part sound so thick, so we held off on the double. We can always add it later if we decide it needs it. Next, we decided to record the lead part in the chorus, which was the only remaining guitar in the song. That went really smooth.

After that, we decided to play around with some effects. The pre-chorus starts with just guitar and vocals, and then other instruments come in about halfway through. We decided to go mono at first then open it up to stereo so the change hits you a little harder. We also put on a pretty serious eq filter, and then added a filter sweep. Suffice to say it was a lot of fun, and it sounds pretty sweet.

After that, we called it a night. It was a short, but fun session. The plan is to record tomorrow.