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Recording Journal: Day 24

The booth was in better shape than yesterday, so we started with vocals. I wanted to keep working on Track 3, since I was having fun with that yesterday. As usual, we started with the chorus.

The recording started off slow. I had some trouble settling on the tone I wanted. Once I found it it went pretty well though. At the end we decide to change the melody slightly to make the ending feel more final. The melody we went with was suggested by Laura, and I think it works well.

After that, we moved onto the pre-chorus. The pre-chorus started a little rocky too, but that was a consequence of the mono automation we'd put in previously; it was disrupting the reverb we were using. Once we solved the issue, things seemed to flow nicely.

We moved onto some guitar after finishing the pre-chorus vocals. I figured it was time to finish the Track 12 guitar. We'd tried doing it with and acoustic previously, but that didn't work out very well. We started with electric this time. The remaining parts are the main rhythm guitar in the verses and then the rhythm guitar in the breakdown. We started with the verses. From the start, we were having trouble again. We switched guitars, and had a little more success with my Schecter, but it still wasn't sounding the way we hoped. Eventually we tried a simpler approach, and that seemed like a significant help.

Then we took a break for dinner. Laura made some tasty coconut curry thing with tilapia. I'm not big on fish, but I enjoy tilapia, so I lucked out. We watched some vsauce youtube videos while we ate. They were pretty cool.

After dinner, we continued working on the guitar in the verse. It sounded better, but still wasn't where we wanted it, so we continued experimenting. At one point, I played the chords in a different place, and played them open rather than palm muted. It sounds quite a bit different than the original way, but it seemed to work. After some various editing, we were able to piece together a good sounding rhythm track by going back and forth between the various tracks. It's not really how I expected it to sound, but it has the feel that I wanted, so I'm happy.

That was a pretty troublesome part to get, so I thought it'd be better to move on to another song and record the breakdown later. The breakdown in Track 12 is very exposed, and it has parts that have caused me troubles in the past. Stephen figured we might as well give it a shot though. It wound up being super easy to record, which is still a little puzzling. That's all the guitar in that song though, so we finished it. Hooray!

Next, we moved to Track 1. We have a progress chart at the studio where we mark off stuff, and only a bit of Track 1 had been marked, which was a little puzzling to use since we thought we only had a bit more to do. After opening up the track, we decided we weren't thrilled with the lead part in the intro, so we decided to redo it. We changed the sound and included our favorite from yesterday: the Fender Blender! It sounded pretty sweet, so we did a few takes, and it sounded way better than before. As we listened to the song after that though, Stephen came up with an idea that essentially works as a baritone guitar part. I played it, and we also added the idea to the intro and post-chorus. It's pretty far in the background, but you really notice when it's missing now.

After that, we did the part that I knew we hadn't done yet: the lead in the chorus. That went really smooth too. The song had a lot more guitar than we'd marked off on the board. I think we must have forgotten to mark it last time. I'm around eighty percent sure we're done with guitar for the song now, which is pretty rad.

We called it a night after that. It was a really successful day. We finished chorus vocals for a song, and we finished guitars for two other songs. The plan is to record next week sometime.