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Recording Journal: Day 25

Plans to record last week fell through when Stephen got sick, so I was pretty excited to record today. However, we ran into a familiar foe: my sleep schedule. I'd been awake around 16 hours when we started recording, so we knew this session wouldn't be super long.

We want to try and do some vocals each session so that during times when my voice gives out we can switch to guitar or something else. We don't want to wind up in a situation where we only have vocals remaining. For that reason, we started with vocals.

I can't put my finger on why exactly, but I felt like jumping to track 12. We started with the chorus and post-chorus. It went about as smooth as we expected. We usually spend some time positioning myself in a way that gets the best tone, and that was true today as well. Also, in the post-chorus I had a bit of trouble remembering which line to sing because it changes. I kept wanting to sing the last one for all of them. Even weirder though is that I changed the last line from the demo, so I was trying to sing a line that I'd changed. Stephen and I basically decided that was a sign, so I wound up singing the line I used in the demo.

After the choruses and post-choruses, my voice was starting to give out, so Stephen thought it might be time to do something else. There's a substantial dynamic shift from the verse/pre-chorus to the chorus, however, so I thought the verse might benefit from where my voice was at the time, and it would be worth it to try. The verses and pre-choruses went quite smooth.

We tried the breakdown once, but both agreed it was better to do on a different day. After that I went into the listening booth, and we worked to piece together the best of each section. I thought it sounded really cool. After that, we stopped recording but talked about different music for a bit. Mostly we talked about Yelle and Selah Sue. We watched a Selah Sue performance on this YouTube channel called Deezer, which seems pretty cool.

I left after that. We made plans for a short session tomorrow morning. Should be fun.