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Recording Journal: Day 26

Today's session was brief, so we got to work quick. Also, the vocal booth was still set up from yesterday, so we didn't have to spend any time on that either.

We started with track 2. The main goal we set for today was to finish the vocals for this song. The verses were all that remained, so, obviously, that's where we started...it's so obvious that I probably didn't even need to write that that's where we started. I mean, once I mentioned that was all that remained, that is. Anyway, that's where we started. Boy, I seem to be caught in a loop.

Through some stroke of luck it was sounding good even on the first take. We recorded a few more takes for safety to make sure we had it. I noticed though that there was one thing that I kept goofing. It was the sound of f on a few words. I mentioned it to Stephen, and he thought they sounded fine. They seemed terrible to me though. It was like I spent way too long ramping up to the word, when it should be punchier. I tried a few more, and wasn't able to get it right. Stephen thought it might have been my headphones, but that didn't seem like it to me since the rest of the stuff sounded fine. I decided we needed to record this on a loop so we could get at least one or two useable takes where the f sounds won't drive me nuts. Stephen thought I was a crazy person, but he agreed to loop it. We wound up getting a few that I think we can use. Stephen maintained that there was no issues with the early ones. The second verse went significantly smoother. I sing a similar part with the fs in that verse, but they weren't giving me anymore issues. Perhaps I'd gotten the evil out of my system. Anyway, that song has all the vocals now! We didn't take the time to cut together the best takes though today since that takes a fair amount of time, and we didn't have much.

We moved on to track 4 to do some quick accent vocals in the breakdown. We'd tried them previously, but they weren't cooperating that day. For whatever reason, they were really easy to do today, which is great. We ended up doing multiple takes so we have the option for stereo or doubled track stuff. We didn't take the time to cut that up either.

We moved on to track 12 next to try that breakdown. This was another thing that wasn't working when we initially tried it, but since things were moving along today, we thought, "why not?" Miraculously, that went quickly too. We did a lot of take though, so we could experiment with different energies. I was changing the color of the light in the vocals booth after most takes. I thought it might wind up making me sing each take differently. I'm not super sure it did that much, although when I tried it with the lights off my timing got messed up, so maybe it does something.

After we finished that song, we decided to stop recording for the day. It had only been like an hour and 15 mins at that point though (which is still bananas to me), so I went in to the listening booth since we had time to piece together the track 12 breakdown. It wound up sounding quite cool.

Stephen played me the track 2 verse parts with the f sounds when I was in the listening booth. I didn't mention it, but the offensive sound wasn't nearly as apparent as it was through the vocal booth headphones. I'm interested to see how it sounds when I listen again.

Plans are to record Tuesday.