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Recording Journal: Day 27

Today was another pretty short session. I'm thinking there'll be more short sessions as we continue tracking vocals.

We started on track 10 today. To this point, we hadn't recorded any vocals. When we worked on track 10 previously, however, it was a lot of fun. Track 10 is one track that I guess we've decided is open for experimentation. Anyway, we started with the chorus vocals. It started out really rough, and I was concerned that we would have to do something else today. We were able to get it going eventually, but the rocky start had me concerned throughout.

As we finished the 2nd chorus, my voice started getting a little gravely, which is fun, but it's also a sign that there's not much time left for quality takes. In the 3rd chorus Stephen had me
try a few different things with my voice. One of them wound up really emphasizing the gravelly part. It freaked me out a little because I wasn't expecting it so much. We both thought it sounded cool though, so we continued recording in that style. After finishing the choruses, we did the majority of the post-chorus work. There's a part or two that didn't work because of how gravelly my voice was, so we decided to do that at another time. After that, I went into the listening booth.

Earlier today I'd mentioned to Stephen that it might be fun to have a whisper track that goes along with a part that's sung in the chorus. Stephen thought it was worth a try, and he had a mic he wanted to use for it. He was setting that up as I returned to the listening booth. When I walked in he was micing the headphones we use in the listening booth. He said that when he was setting it up that he heard the sound coming through the headphones and it sounded the way he hoped, so he thought "why not just mic the headphones?" It was kind of bizarre, but this was the song for it, so I was game. I think he wound up putting the headphones in the vocal booth. I did the whisper part from the listening booth. I did a variety of hand placements around the mic so we had different sounds for the track. After that I thought why not try to sing the part softly. The mic setup was a big departure from the main vocal track, so I thought it would be fun. It was!

We did a bit of track cleanup after that, but didn't finish. The plan is to record again tomorrow.