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Recording Journal: Day 28

We planned on today being another short-ish session. I wasn't feeling all that great though, so, instead of trying to knock out some vocals, we decided it would be a good time to do some of the dirty work.

We started with doing some additional percussion on Track 11. We needed to do this before we could start working on any vocals for the song. The song is basically split into two halves. The first half is mostly just a kick drum and tambourine. Stephen and I spent a little bit trying to determine the best approach. He had three tambourines, and we tested all of them. As we were testing them I realized Stephen gets a much larger variety of sounds out of the tambourines than I do, so I thought it'd be best if he just recorded a bunch of different sounds with each. I figured that after he did that we could just sample the hits we like best. He thought that seemed like a solid plan. He was able to give us a ton of different hits, so we had a lot to work with. We spent a bit of time trying to pick out our favorites. Before too long we decided to put a softer / smoother hit below the primary ones. That gave each hit more depth. We were able to piece together most of the hits we wanted to use.

We decided to grab the kick sounds in the same way since had success with the tambourine. There wasn't much discussion on this. Stephen held up the kick drum because it sounds much fuller when it's not sitting on the ground. He hit it with a drum stick that had a piece of foam on the end. It basically sounded like a mallet. I tested it once or twice and confirmed that it sounded like the route we should take. He popped right back into the booth and gave us some more different hits. For the most part it was two different hits and different volumes. We stacked the different hits because one produced a better slap sound, and one had more bass to it; together they sounded great. That's a thing I regularly do if I remix something, so it was cool to incorporate that into the record.

After getting the kick sounds we wanted, we pieced together the whole part. Once that was done, we realized the kick when the drum set comes in sounded a little less full than the one we'd just made. To solve the issue we sampled the one we'd just made and then had the sample play each time the drum set kick is hit. It was pretty fun to do.

That wound up taking pretty much the whole session though, so we didn't get to all the different dirty work stuff we needed to. Oh well, it was fun, and now that song is ready for vocals.

The plan is to do another short session on Friday.