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Recording Journal: Day 29

Today started a little slower than usual. I've been making short setup videos from various clips I'd had of the recording process. Today we decided to put a little effort into getting some fun shots. We knew we were starting with vocals, so I filmed the setup of a second vocal mic. I figured we might want the second vocal mic since the song we were starting with (Track 11) starts quite soft, and the second mic picks up the character of soft vocals better.

Once we'd set up the second mic, we began setting up the levels. We discovered an issue with some extra noise coming from the second mic we set up. That mic has a different input than most microphones. Stephen didn't have that type of cable, so he'd just wired it directly. One of the wires must have gotten loose, or something. Either way, we decided it would be a good idea to try and fix the issue now. Stephen found some information online about different mods others had done, and decided to try one that changes the input type to the standard one. It took a little while, but wound up working well.

We started recording from the start of the song. Normally I like to record the choruses first; it gives you a good idea of what to build toward with the verse. This song is sort of split into two parts though, so I didn't feel there would be much benefit from recording out of order. I may have been mistaken though. Almost all of the verse vocals went easily with the exception of the very last line which leads into the chorus. We did a bunch of takes trying to get the right energy. I was trying different ideas Stephen had as well as different ideas of my own. Eventually we felt like we could piece something together, but neither of us were thrilled with the options we had.

We moved on to the chorus because we didn't want to work on the last line of the verse any more. The chorus vocals went smooth. We had to break the last one into a couple takes so I could get enough breath for different lines. It wound up pretty rad though, I think. After the choruses I thought we should try to tackle the last line of the verse again. It went super easy. We did a couple takes to establish the idea and a couple more to nail it. Having the chorus set did make a difference, and I'm feeling like that's probably the way to go from now on.

After the chorus and last line of the verse, my voice was starting to give out, which we thought would work for the breakdown. We did several takes, and I think we got some pretty good stuff.

We did a little editing after that, but the majority of the editing on this song still needs to be done. I think we got all the lead vocals for the song though, so that's pretty rad. The plan is to record Tuesday.