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Recording Journal: Day 30

Thanks to me we started about a half hour late. We were able to get to work pretty quick though, so there probably wasn't too much time lost overall. Stephen had sent over some rough drafts of a few songs so I could listen to them outside the studio. We agreed that Track 1 was primed for vocals, so that's where we decided to start today.

We decided to start with the verses again. The idea was that the verse kicks off the entire album, so we needed to give it extra attention. The verses went pretty smooth once I got comfortable singing the part. At that point I was able to add in the vocal flavor that they demanded. While I was in the booth Stephen described the vocals as “sassy.” I hadn't thought about it before, but that seemed to describe them well. Naturally I started doing sassy hand movements in the booth to help aid the performance. It was pretty fun.

One of the other rough drafts Stephen sent over was Track 4. We both felt that the chorus vocals lacked the impact we thought was there when we recorded them. After finishing the verses on Track 1, we moved on to Track 4 to redo them. We decided to shift the lead vocal to where I was planning on putting the background vocals. There was some initial concern on my end about how the transition from the pre-chorus to chorus would work, but it was fine. I was able to give the vocals a lot more power from there anyway. It was a pretty major improvement.

After that we returned to Track 1 to try some pre-choruses. It took a bit for me to lock into the groove, but, once I remembered to to the sassy hand movements, things went pretty smooth. I have no idea why it helped so much, but it did.

I knew we were running pretty short on time by this point. Stephen hadn't told me we needed to end at any set time, but weekdays are usually limited to a few hours. We decided to move on to the breakdown. The tone of the song shifts here, so I didn't do any sassy hand motions. We didn't run into any real issues here, but we did takes to give us a variety of different options.

After that, we stopped recording, but I stuck around so we could edit the breakdown at least. We have a ton of work to do editing the vocals. Maybe we'll do that the next time we have a whole day to work. The plan is to record Thursday.