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Recording Journal: Day 31

We ran out of the throat comfort tea last session, so I stopped by the store today. Stephen had sent me a link to a better tea. I'd only seen one option the last time I went, so I didn't have options. It was the same this time. Could I have went to a different store? Sure. Should I have? Perhaps. Either way, I got the same type of tea that I did last time.

As I walked in the door Laura said, “Oh you got the wrong kind.” That was the point when I realized she and Stephen were really rooting for me to get the kind in the link. I was happy getting the same kind: the flavor is good, and it seems to help my singing. I probably would have tried harder to get the other kind if I thought anyone else really cared.

We got to work pretty quick. Today we decided to do some of the dirty work that we'd been putting off. That is piecing together the best parts of different takes to make the best one. We started with Track 1. We'd recorded vocals for the verses and breakdown so far. We did some work on the breakdown previously, but wound up changing a few things from before. The whole process took a couple hours, but it made a massive difference. It's sounding really good now, and it's ready for the chorus vocals.

We moved on to Track 3 next. We'd done small bits and pieces throughout, but there was a fair bit remaining. We'd recorded the pre-choruses and choruses. It was kind of odd going through the takes because sometimes there'd be 5 or 6 good options, and, other times, there'd only be one. Usually we have at least few. Either way, it was a tedious process, but it needed to be done, and it made a massive difference.

We stopped for lunch with only a little bit left to edit. Laura made us some tasty pasta with sun dried tomatoes, which are always awesome. We watched a little bit of Daredevil while we ate. I was concerned at first that they'd be watching an episode I hadn't seen yet, but it was two or so behind. The show is quite good, by the way. I'm planning on finishing it after the weekend.

After lunch we finished editing what remained of Track 3. Once that was done we decided to record a bit of vocals. We didn't have enough time to do the verses, so we decided to get the breakdown and start the background vocals. That went really smooth. We even had time to edit the background vocals. We still need to edit the breakdown, but that shouldn't take too long. The background vocals really make the song come to life. I'm really happy with how it's going.

Plans are to record tomorrow.