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Recording Journal: Day 32

Prior to recording, Stephen either fixed or installed a light (not sure), he and Laura took their dogs on a quick walk, and Laura helped me select the right mug for my tea. It was a dog mug.

We started working on Track 3 again. We were pleased with how it was coming together yesterday, and we wanted to hear it with the vocals from the verses. It went pretty smooth. Once those were finished, I came back into the control room so we could piece it together. We also wanted to piece together the breakdown I'd recorded yesterday. When we got to the breakdown, however, we felt like I could do better than what we had, so I redid the breakdown and it seemed to work out. The lead vocals for Track 3 are completed!

After that, I said we should work on Track 6. I thought I might be able to record all the vocals before Stephen had to stop for the day. Almost immediately I cursed my cavalier attitude. We started with the verses, and I wasn't getting them as easily as I'd expected. On one part, I'd sang the correct line a few times, but then seemed to forget it. That was frustrating, but my frustration seemed to help the transition in one of the parts, so I guess it worked out just fine. The choruses and middle 8 were a lot of fun to record, and they went about as easily as I expected. In the end we wound up recording almost all the lead vocal parts.

We didn't have time to piece together the vocals for Track 6. Plans to record next are unclear, but it should be sometime next week.