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Recording Journal: Day 33

The last time I was at Safeway I found the tea that Laura and Stephen said was the best. When I showed up with it in hand today, they seemed pleased. However, they both noticed I'd gotten the lemon and echinacea version. It was the only type they had. Anyway, we got a cup set up for me. It definitely smelled different.

As I let the tea cool a bit, I played Stephen some ideas I'd been working on for Track 3. Mostly just additional instruments in the background, but one or two more adventurous ideas. Not sure if they'll make the cut, but we might be able to build off of them.

We started recording Track 5. We hadn't done any vocals to this point, but I'd been wanting to for a bit. There's some real fun parts to sing in the chorus. I tasted the tea right before we started. It was disgusting, but familiar somehow. Later on I realized the familiar taste was that of sunflower seed shells. It tasted like we poured hot water into a mug that had a bunch of sunflower seed shells. Needless to say that cup of tea lasted a while before I finished it.

The chorus vocals went quite smooth. There's sort of two parts going on at the same time. We doubled the first part. We might decide to add even more on top of that melody, but not today. The second part went really quick. I'd been practicing the second part when Stephen would play back the first part. I think that was part of the reason.

We moved on to the verses next. These were trickier. I never felt great about any one take, but there were pieces that I was pleased with. I think we can probably piece together some good whole takes. Stephen is positive we can. I'm only pretty sure. He could be right though because often, on playback, the takes sounded better than they did as I was singing.

Next we worked on the pre-chorus vocals. These went about as smooth as the choruses, and that was nice. I was a little concerned these would give us the same troubles as the verses.

I was a little hesitant to try the breakdown since I thought it would take a while, but I did a quick runthrough, and it felt great. We did a few takes of that and it was done. It was the easiest part of the day, weirdly.

We didn't have time for anything else, so we put off the editing until later. We have the choruses, pre-choruses, breakdown, and (most likely) the verses. That's all the parts. Pretty sure the lead vocals for Track 5 are finished. Plans are to record Thursday.