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Recording Journal: Day 34

We started recording today with some work on Track 3. I'd made some better synth and miscellaneous instrument stems for us to use. We spent a bit of time adding those to the song, and making sure they fit. They sounded sweet. I'm not sure we'll use all of them, but it's nice to have them.

After that, we moved our focus to Track 7. I thought we should start tracking vocals for it. It's one of two songs on the album where it starts really soft and slow, but ends with some intensity. I was really concerned about the ending vocals. For the idea to work my voice needed to be real busted up. I know there's ways to do that without actually busting up your voice, but I don't know how to do it. That meant we had to mess with my voice. One idea I came up with was to forego the tea today. Truth be told, that was the only idea I had, but I felt it had two benefits: 1) Without coating my throat, my voice would give out faster, which is necessary since the song begins softly. 2) I don't have to drink the unpleasant tasting tea.

Eventually we started recording. For the first time, we recorded the verse and chorus together. Typically we do separate takes for each section. These went quite well once we made a change to my singing position. I like to sing close to the mics, but these sounded better once I backed off a little.

Next, we worked on the breakdown. This has a fairly dramatic change in intensity, and that made it a little tougher to track, but we got some solid takes.

After that, we started work on the last chorus, which was the part about which I was most concerned. After a couple takes, my voice was getting properly rough. It started sounding close to where I'd hoped though, so I suggested we try continuing on into the post-chorus at the same intensity. That was a major mistake. The chorus sounded good, but the post-chorus, it turns out, is roughly a million steps outside my vocal range. That idea was scrapped midway through the second word, so we just continued working on the chorus. After a few more takes my voice was useless. We tried, briefly, to record the post-chorus part the way I wrote it originally, but my voice wouldn't let me get through a take, so we stopped recording at that point. We nearly finished the lead vocals, which is pretty good.

After that we did a little bit of editing. The idea for no tea seemed to work as I'd hoped, but I think, perhaps, it worked a little too well. Next time I think I'll probably have tea. The plan is to record tomorrow.