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Recording Journal: Day 35

When I arrived, I learned that Stephen and Laura had been working on some background vocals for Track 7. They sounded tremendous, so that was great news. She sang 4 parts, which is truly impressive to me. I can't wait to hear her on other tracks.

After we listened to the background vocals for a bit Stephen and I started recording. We'd held off on recording guitar for Track 9 in case we ran into a day where my voice gave out, and we had to do something else. Luckily we never encountered that. At this point we have vocals on every song except Track 9. They're not all finished, but we also have a lot of editing to do, so we don't need a backup plan in case my voice gives out anymore. I'm really surprised we didn't run into a day where we needed to go to guitar.

We took a bit of time finding the right sound for the guitar. We were only focusing on the rhythm tracks today. We decided to use my Schecter for the left and Epiphone for the right. We started working on the left. For the most part, it went slower than I expected. We approached the parts in an odd way, so I had to keep referring to the demo for the rhythm. I'd done some work prior to recording trying to figure out what rhythms would work best. We wound up changing up a couple, but it mostly stayed true to the demo. The verses are palm muted, but also a little technical. I thought that might be a troublesome spot, but Stephen had the idea to roll up a microfiber cloth and put it under the strings up against the bridge. It had an effect similar to a delicate palm mute. This worked great because it allowed me to put a little more umph behind what I was playing. It went much faster, and sounded better than I expected. That's due to Stephen's microfiber idea.

Recording the right guitar went about the same as the left. We struggled to find the right tone again. It took us way longer than it should have to realize where I was sitting was the primary issue. We were deep into eqing before I even tested the sound in the headphones. Surprisingly, it sounded good in them. Still it took probably another 5 mins for it to click that I wasn't sitting even close to where the right speaker was facing. The left speaker wasn't an issue since it was pointed directly at me.

Once I repositioned myself, we were able to start tracking the right guitar. It went smooth, because we learned from recording the left, and we approached the song in a smarter way. After we'd recorded what we needed, we tried playing around with some fun extra sounds in one of the transitions. I'm not sure any of the ideas will make the cut, but it was fun trying stuff. We stopped after that.

It was a pretty successful day. Awesome background vocals, and all rhythm guitar for a song that didn't have any prior. The plan is to record sometime next week. Thursday, perhaps.