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Recording Journal: Day 36

Today we decided to try finishing up some of the songs that only had a little bit of vocals remaining. We started with Track 7. We'd done all of the lead vocals last week with the exception of the outro. My voice is still recovering somewhat after recording this song last time. That's part of the reason we wanted to focus mostly on smaller parts this session as well. Stephen made sure to set me up with some tea. We tried the combination nasty tea / non-nasty tea. It was quite a bit better, so that's probably what we'll go with from now on.

Before we actually started recording, there was some discussion on how best to approach the outro. We wanted it to ramp down somewhat, but not too much. I picked up one of the guitars and figured out a nice middle ground. We recorded a quick reference take with the control room mic Stephen uses to talk to me when I'm in the vocal booth. It seemed to help. The recording went fairly smooth. I was pitchy at the start, but got better as my voice warmed up, which is basically business as usual.

After that we moved on to Track 6. There's been some debate between Stephen and myself on what constitutes a background vocal. What we had left to record on Track 6, Stephen believes to be a background vocal. I believe it to be a second lead vocal. The chorus of this song has a bit of back and forth between the lead vocal lines. To me, background vocals are typically harmonies, an ooo, ahh, or something like that. At the very least I think they're less prominent than the lead vocal. That said, while this part is at the same level as the other lead, it does somewhat echo the other vocal. Also, this part would sound odd without the other vocal, whereas the same cannot be said for the other.

Anyway, this part went pretty smooth. There was a change in the final chorus that forced a change in this vocal. Stephen had a good solution after only a take or two.

After that we decided to start doing some editing on Track 6. We were able to finish editing all of the initial lead vocals in the chorus before calling it a night. It was a fairly short session, but we got some good work accomplished. The plan is to record tomorrow.