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Recording Journal: Day 37

We started where we stopped yesterday: editing the chorus vocals on Track 6. We only had the second lead vocal remaining, so it went relatively quick. Editing is never that fun, but we can't put it off forever. We need to be more disciplined otherwise we'll need to do it all at once, and that won't be good for anyone's sanity.

After that, we decided it was time to finish the lead vocals on Track 4. Only the verses and pre-choruses remained, and I was pretty sure they were gonna be rough. There's some low notes that are just about the bottom of my (very limited) vocal range. It was gonna be a while before I nailed them.

We decided to do the verses and then the pre-choruses since that's where the scary low notes live. It's hard to say exactly how smooth the recording went. It definitely took longer than most other verses, but it probably went a fair bit smoother than I was expecting, so that was nice. However, the pre-choruses gave me a lot more trouble than I anticipated. At some point we got the idea to have me sing along to the midi track I made for the vocal melody. Using that as a guide helped quite a bit. After a couple takes with that, we muted the midi track again, and that's when the best takes came through. I think I'll make an effort to create midis for the remaining vocals since that was such a help.

After that, we decided to finish editing the vocals on Track 6. It was sounding great, so I wanted to keep going. It went fairly smooth, I guess. It's tedious work, so it's kind of tough to say. I suppose all that matters is that it sounds great, and I think it does.

Next we moved to Track 9 to do some more guitar work. We started with a super simple part in the chorus. It only has 3 notes, but it adds a lot to the song. We did wind up playing with the rhythm a bit so it fit the drums better, but the majority of it stayed true to what was written initially. As we were recording the chorus parts, Stephen highlighted an area that he felt was primed for another guitar. Once we finished the chorus parts, we returned to it so we could experiment. I was able to nail down the basic idea pretty quick, but we had a lot of trouble trying to find a good way to end. Eventually we landed on something solid. As we were testing various ways to end the section, I wound up changing the part in the beginning slightly so it had more movement. Stephen had the good idea to keep it as it was initially and use the other part on the second progression. That wound up working well.

We stopped after that. It was a pretty successful session, I think. It felt like we jumped around a lot, but we were able to finish editing lead vocals for Track 6, we finished recording lead vocals on Track 4, and we added guitar to Track 9. Plans are to record Tuesday.