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Recording Journal: Day 38

I arrived a bit later than I'd planned, but it wound up not costing us any real time since Stephen had stuff ready to go when I arrived. We only had two lead vocal parts that weren't recorded yet. Aside from Track 9, that is, which has no vocals currently. Anyway, our options were pretty limited. I thought we should go for the verses / pre-choruses in Track 10. They're the more mellow choice, and I think I'll be tracking vocals on consecutive days, so it's probably in my best interest to not wear myself out on the first day.

We decided to do the verses first then come back and do the pre-choruses. I thought that the pre-choruses might be tough to get just right. The verses seemed to go pretty smooth. Once I started recording the second verse, Stephen heard something he liked and had me do more takes of the first so it was on both. Apparently I was producing a cleaner tone at that point.

After the verses, we started on the pre-choruses. As expected, it was a grind. It's sort of a soft / medium intensity vocal part, but there's not a ton of other stuff going on, so I need to really nail it. I'm better at singing loud or quiet. It's harder to give the illusion that you're a decent singer with a medium intensity. I started and ended with some solid takes for the pre-chorus. The middle was pretty rough. Luckily, we don't have to use any of those. I think we'll be able to piece together some nice takes. Lead vocals are recorded for Track 10!

After that, we decided to do a bit of editing on Track 2. We were only able to get through the verses before we had to call it a night. It was a real short session, but I feel like we did some good work, so I'm happy. The plan is to record again tomorrow. We'll probably have another dumb picture then too since we're running out of ideas. There's not much to take pictures of when recording vocals and editing tracks. At this point we'll take a picture of anything vaguely tied to what we did that day. Today I listened to some stuff on those headphones, and Stephen put my tea in a mug that says coffee. That's the level we're working on right now.