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Recording Journal: Day 39

As recording days go, this one was pretty unusual in that it was me who had a hard out. My friend, Steve, is in the area this weekend, but he decided to wait until today to tell me. Unfortunately, I'm out of town this weekend, so tonight was the only chance we had to hang out. Luckily, it was the first night of the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, so it was easy to agree on what to do. It's also lucky that they had shows that started late. That meant I'd be able to get a short and sweet recording session in, and still have time to go hang out with Steve.

We started recording soon after I arrived. Our goal was to finish the lead vocals for Track 1. Only the choruses were left. They're not super easy ones either. Nope. The vocals have multiple notes and everything. That's my real weak spot when singing: changing from note to note. If only there was a way to sing the exact same note throughout I'd probably stack up better to other singers. Unless I had to hold the note. That gives me trouble too. I suppose there's no one to blame except myself; I did write the song, after all. Anyway, yeah, I was pretty sure it'd be a tough one.

Unsurprisingly, I was right. It's a darn good thing I was expecting it to be a tough session otherwise I would have gotten discouraged as we went. Stephen's endlessly positive when recording. I try to balance it out by coming in pessimistic. I think it helps when stuff is difficult. Well, I think it helps me, at least.

After numerous takes, we had some quality stuff. I'm pretty sure we'll be able to piece together some nice sounding choruses. Oh, as we were recording, it was super hot inside the vocal booth, so we had to take a break at one point. That's sort of where the picture came from: just showing it was a nice day, I guess. Again, we're grasping at straws when it comes to pictures. The real trouble is that we have a pretty solid system down at this point, so there's not any real experimentation when it comes to vocals.

After the recording, we did a bit of editing. We actually edited the last chorus on Track 1. It sounded really solid, I thought. What's weird is that a lot of the takes I thought were useless sounded decent. Hopefully that continues when we edit the first and second choruses. After that, we only had time to edit one of the pre-choruses in Track 2. It sounded great.

After that, I left and saw the 10:30 show with Steve. Some real funny comics. My favorites were Chris Fairbanks, Guy Branum, and Sean White. It was fun.

The plan is to record again tomorrow.