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Recording Journal: Day 40

We picked up where we left off yesterday: editing the pre-choruses for Track 2. We figured that'd be about the right amount of time for me to do the necessary tea prep to record vocals. It wasn't exact, but it was pretty close.

Earlier in the day I messaged Stephen to let him know my voice was feeling kinda rough. I wasn't sure we'd be able to do any lead vocals, but I was feeling a little better by the time I arrived and had some tea. We decided to start recording vocals on the only song with lead vocals remaining: Track 9!

The verses seem like they might be more problematic for me than the rest of the song, so we started with the choruses. They went pretty smooth. We wound up breaking the vocal lines into two parts though so there was enough room for me to get nice full breaths. I can't remember if that's what I did in the demo also, but we think I might have. It worked well.

After that I was still feeling pretty good, so we decided to give the pre-choruses a whirl. They were trickier. We had to write out the midi for part of the melody that was confusing us. My demo is, to put it conservatively, imprecise when it comes to pitch. It's pretty sparse musically in the pre-chorus, so I needed some sort of reference for pitch. It helped to sing along to the midi, and, strangely enough, the pitchy demo vocal. Once we figured all that out it went smooth.

At that point, my voice was feeling a little tired, but I thought I might be able to do a good job on the middle 8 vocals. They went okay. Stephen was more excited about them than I was. Perhaps I'll feel differently when I hear them again, but, in the moment, I felt like I could do better at another time.

After that we did a bit of editing on the Track 2 choruses. We got farther than I expected, but I can't remember if we were able to edit 1 and some of 2 or 2 and some of 3. Either way, that editing is nearing completion.

We didn't wind up making plans for when to record next. I'm thinking it'll be sometime next week.