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Recording Journal: Day 41

We set up some tea right after I arrived. As it cooled, I showed Stephen some of the synth and miscellaneous parts I'd been working on for Track 11. He seemed to like a lot of the ideas, but thought a couple of the parts might sound better on different instruments. We got to talking about keyboards and midi stuff. Naturally, that led to buying some stuff on Amazon. Here's hoping the stuff arrives by Friday, so I can bring it home and play around with it.

After that, we did some real work. Today's mission was finishing the lead vocals for Track 9, which would complete the lead vocals for the album. Only the verses remained. I thought ahead and sent over a midi yesterday. There's not much instrumentation, so it's tricky to stay on pitch...not that I'm reliable normally, it's just extra tough in this song. That helped a lot. The recording actually went pretty smooth, which was a bit of a surprise to me. The second verse went way smoother than the first—so much so that we went back and recorded a couple additional takes of the first. I'm not sure they were a ton better, but we have a good variety of takes from which to edit.

After that, we decided to try a couple additional passes at the middle 8. I wasn't quite satisfied last time, so I wanted to try again. I think it went fairly well. My voice felt more powerful than last time, which is good. We'll definitely be able to piece together a nice take from what we have.

Lead vocals are recorded! Hooray! There might be some re-recording in some parts. We won't know if that's necessary until each song is edited, but, if there is, it won't be much. We started editing after that. We wanted to finish editing Track 2, which we'd been chipping away at for a few sessions. We managed to finish that somewhat quickly, so we did a little bit of mixing work, and that was pretty fun.

It was a really productive session, or at least it felt that way since we were able to finish a couple things today. The plan is to record again on Thursday.