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Recording Journal: Day 42

We began work on Track 11 soon after I arrived. We'd went over some ideas I'd had during our last session. In the mean time, I did a little tweaking, and sent over some high quality files. For other ideas, I just sent over midi tracks. We added some of the files to the project, and laid a bit of the groundwork for the future. The extra tracks really fill out the sound nicely.

Once Laura showed up, we started work on the background vocals for Track 2. She's a master at background vocals, and she agreed to help out once we started work on them. I'd sent over two midi files of the melody. One of them is basically what I recorded in the demo. The other is one I started playing around with last night. We used the same mic setup we did when we recorded lead vocals, but we kept the protective bag over the ribbon mic. It smooths out some of the sounds, which is better for background vocals. The first melody went really easily. Stephen and Laura thought the second melody fit well enough to lay down some takes. That actually went pretty smooth as well. It turns out that background vocals are a lot easier to sing.

After that, it was Laura's turn to track background vocals. It sounded great pretty much immediately. She started with the first background melody and then tracked the second. The second sounds way cooler when she does it. Stephen had her try it using some opera singing techniques, and it worked great. After that, she tracked and octave of the lead vocal. That's all the background vocals for that song! As we listened back to it, the song sounds huge with all the background vocals. We tracked like 6 different vocal parts. It might benefit us to mix up what we use, but those decisions will be made later.

We moved on to Track 6 after that. I'd written out these background vocals last night too. Almost immediately there was issues. As it turns out, I'd written a harmony that goes well with the lead vocal, but not the underlying chords. It made sense since I wrote it by singing/playing along to the lead vocal by itself. I did listen a couple times with everything going, but I guess I didn't notice at that point. Either way, some of the notes needed to be fixed. That took a bit. It took a bit for me to learn the new notes as well. It had a different flow than the previous one, so I kept having trouble with one part. After I felt comfortable with the part the recording went pretty smooth. There was talk of another background layer or two, but we were done for the night.

The plan is to record again tomorrow.