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Recording Journal: Day 43

We began work on Track 10 today. We thought we might want to add some additional percussion to give us a bigger sound, but we decided to play around with what we already had to make sure it was necessary. As it turns out, additional percussion wasn't needed, so that was bittersweet. I think it would have been fun adding additional percussion, but it's cool that it's not necessary.

Stephen had been playing around a bit with Track 3 before I arrived, so we decided to try and lay down the harmonies in the pre-chorus. I'd sent over a midi to a different song, but I didn't do this one yet. We figured it'd be okay though. It went fine. After recording those, we were listening to the chorus, and, as we were doing that, I came up with a harmony for the ooos in the background vocals, so I went in and recorded that too.

After that, we asked Laura to add some background vocals. She added another harmony to the ooos, and it really filled out the sound nicely. After that, we had her run through the pre-chorus and chorus a few times for harmonies. That went smooth too.

We took a small break for a bit of lunch and to walk their dogs, and then it was back to work. Stephen and I had to do some editing on Track 5—just enough to make it so we could add background vocals. That didn't take super long.

We thought it might be fun to try a different mic than normal, so Stephen set up a cool mic with two tubes in it, which is a pretty big departure from what we normally use. Once it was set up, we asked Laura to come in and record some more. She went nuts on the background vocals on this one. There's harmonies on harmonies and two octaves above the lead vocal. It's pretty sweet. As it turned out, however, the mics we normally use fit what we need a lot better, so we went back to the standard setup and redid the parts. She just straight up crushed this song. We'll have some hard decisions to make on how to layer everything since I'm not sure we want it to sound so massive the whole time. It's a good problem to have though—better to have too much than too little.

That's basically all we did. It was a productive session. The plan is to record next on Tuesday.